Your (free) Angel Therapist will see you now

November 2, 2015

Therapy is a big waste of time.
And a bigger waste of money.

That’s my conclusion after having seen ~15+ therapists over the past 15 years. I’ve been to psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and the like. All (but one) were nice. And helpful. But in the end, therapy is unnecessary.

I’m not talking about trauma, ptsd, or some type of severe phobia. Those kinda things are helped by a qualified professional. You can do cognitive behavior therapy, emdr, eft, or one of the other modalities with someone who is a pro and get good results in a short time.

I’m talking about the type of therapy where you go in and talk to someone for an hour. You ramble, they nod, listen, and pretend to care. At the end, you shell out $250. Week after week. This is a huge waste of resources.

Regular talk therapy will never fix our problems. It’s impossible. There will never be a day when you go to a therapist, he will say: ok, today is the day you are cured. All is well now. You’re a perfect human. Go out there and kick some ass.

That has happened never.

So what’s the secret behind therapy that we could use without paying?
When you go to a therapist, you’ll be escorted into a comfortable private room. Therapist sits in a chair. And you sit on a comfy couch. The door is closed.

There will be diplomas and other symbols of qualifications on the wall. This makes you feel a little better. Maybe this dude knows what he’s talking about, if he’s been to that many schools.

Then he will ask you what’s on your mind. He’s got a pen and a pad, ready to take notes and transform your life.

And you’ll start talking.
You think you’ll just say a sentence or two then be quiet. So that the therapist can cure your ails. But that never happens. Once you open your mouth, time will breeze by. 30 minutes feels like 5 minutes.

Soon, you’ll notice the therapists eyes wander over to the clock behind you. Yup, it’s been an hour already. It’s time to wrap up, but he has an opening next Wednesday at 4:30pm. Does that work for you? Or he can squeeze you in on Thursday at 9:00am.

Talk therapy is simply a glorified expensive confessional booth.

The dude pretends to care while you tire yourself out talking. At the end you’ll feel lighter because you’ve expressed all these burdensome thoughts. It’s like throwing out your emotional garbage. It’s like clearing the cache on your computer.

So my new hypothesis is that this should work without going to a therapist. All we have to do is talk, out loud, for an hour. In a safe comfortable nonjudgmental environment.

I’ve experimented with blogging and podcasting, both of those are helpful. But I’m not gonna say all of my weird thoughts out in public.

So what if we use Angelic help?
Imagine there is a therapist angel standing next to you as you do your daily chores. Washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, throwing out the trash. And you speak out loud to this therapist. Pretend that it’s male or female. Young or old. Human or extraterrestrial. Whatever makes you feel best.

And pretend this angel therapist is nodding her head in a caring manner. And taking down copious notes. Unload all of your thoughts on her. She can take it.

Since she’s an angel, she of course has supernatural powers to heal. So picture that she is using all her powers to heal your mind, body, and spirit as you’re talking.

I bet after an hour, we’ll feel better than we’ve ever felt. I’m gonna try this out and will share the results.

PS: You should also be doing other things to keep up your energetic hygiene. EFT, journaling, energy medicine, exercise, eating healthy, drinking water, breathing deep, salt baths, vitamins, etc. Self care is a whole package. But I think there is space in our routine for Angel Talk Therapy.