Why Divine Guidance Exists

November 1, 2015


I wanted to know why we need inspiration from angels, guides, higher self, etc. Painters, writers, musicians talk about angels and muses whispering ideas into their ear.


Why can’t we humans be a complete system without the need of outside help?

I may have an answer I want to bounce off of you.
I was thinking a lot about space travel lately.
And the movie The Martian.

In space travel, astronauts keep a link back to NASA.
They get guidance and support on their journey. These astronauts are rigorously trained to follow instructions. But they also have free will. At any time, they can stop listening to NASA guidance, and do as they wish. Unlikely, but possible – like in the movie.

Let’s assume what the mystics & spiritual masters say about life is true.
We are all one. We are all source energy. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

So, we are spiritual astronauts exploring the physical terrain.
Before materializing into this earth plane dimension, it would be wise to have a link back to headquarters. Otherwise, the trek is going to be infinitely more difficult, if not impossible. This guidance comes in the form of repetitive thoughts, intuition, signs, synchronicity, emotions.

There would be trillions of missions taking place. Spirits coming forth as living flesh beings. And it would be wise to have a specific team in charge of your spacecraft (your human body).

So each spacecraft has a designated guide.
A Guardian Angel.
Why not?
If time and space are irrelevant in the original source field, everyone can have their own divine team. It makes no difference. There is no lack.

And each spacecraft also has access to the whole Spiritual NASA crew if needed. Fairies, guides, Archangels. Higher Self, Source, etc.

And just like NASA astronauts, it would make sense that each spiritual astronaut is greeted with a warm welcome when returning home. Near death folks talk about being greeted by beings as they are dying and returning to the spiritual plane.

Pretty cool.

Photo Source – Wikipedia
We all have an angel – Pope Francis