You’ve got your own angels, and guides, and stuff

October 31, 2015

How can we prove this?

Well, either you have had these experiences and agree or you don’t believe in any of this. And even if you have yet to discover your guides, everyone has em. That’s what the experts say.

Doreen Virtue. Seth. Abraham Hicks. Bashar. Caroline Myss. Cyndi Dale. Louise Hay. Orin and DaBen. Theo.

I was a nonbeliever. Until psychedelics.
Had some strong connections while on mushrooms. And ayahuasca.
Also happens sometimes when I’m dreaming, writing, meditating, or get into the flow state.

It seems everyone has a whole slew of divine help at their service.
I don’t understand why. But they’re there.

Everyone is born with a daemon. A personal guardian angel. Mirror self. Higher self.

Then there are fairies, guides, ascended masters, angels, and archangels.
All are nondenominational. And they can help as many people at the same time as possible. They aren’t limited by time or space. They’re in a different dimension.

I was wondering how that could be.
But if it’s true that the universe is 95% dark energy + dark matter and all the things we see as matter only make up 5%, I guess anything is possible. And people hypothesize that there are infinite parallel realities, multiple dimensions, that the universe burst into being from a small point. All of a sudden, angels and guides don’t seem that weird to me.

I’m kind of a newbie in this research.
But I’ve been conducting various experiments to cement a strong connection with these beings. And the results have been interesting and fun so far.

You can use you personal divine army for anything. Small or big. To find lost keys. To build your energetic boundaries. To cut energetic cords. To help heal your body. To guide your life passion. For courage. Overcome anxiety. Whatever you want, as long it’s for the good. And in the end you always have free will. You can choose to ignore their guidance.

Kinda cool. You don’t have to do all of this living as a human animal on this blue planet orbiting a fireball by yourself.

Who and what is your Daemon
Meet the Angels – Doreen Virtue
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