Three Aspects of Law of Attraction (Spiritual, Human, Environment)

October 30, 2015

“Your home is a three dimensional vision board.”

I heard an interview with Marie Diamond, feng shui teacher, that made a lot of sense. She mentioned that a lot of people think they are doing the right things but do not get manifestations.

This is because alignment is broken down into 3 parts. And most people are messing up a couple of the parts. There is spiritual alignment, human alignment, and environmental alignment. And all three need to be aligned to allow full flow.

Spiritual alignment = prayer, soul stuff, higher self, divine connection
Human alignment = thoughts, words, actions, visualization
Environmental alignment = feng shui

For example, I thought I could simply use visualization and my mind to achieve whatever I want. And I was getting pretty good results. But not everything I want was flowing in.

Yet, my apartment was full of clutter. Even my handwriting was terribly messy.

I kept boxes and boxes of books blocking my entrance path. I kept dirty laundry in the open, in the living room! I kept my bed crammed against three walls. All my furniture was placed so that I kept bumping into the couches. I had one of those kitchen garbage cans without a lid. So this would attract fruit flies & bugs in the summer. I kept pictures of only michael jordan in my bedroom. No women or love symbols.

I don’t know what I was thinking!
Maybe I was clinically insane?

(starts at 5:55m)

PS: What she calls your “law of attraction number” is “kua number” in traditional feng shui. I wrote about that here: Your Personal Lucky Directions (Feng Shui)