Ok Ok, I’m trying out The Potato Diet

October 29, 2015


I heard about this late last night.
Got motivated and drove to the grocery store.
The only spot open til midnight.

Bought three 10 pound bags of russet potatoes. And a peeler.
Peel peel peel and tossed em into a big pot. Boil boil boil.
And now they’re resting and cooling in my fridge.
Ready to be eaten. 12 per day. For 5 days straight.

You can read all about the diet here:

The Potato Diet – Vegetable Pharm

I ran into this via Denise Minger’s appearance on Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast. 278 Pounds Of Fat Magically Disappears In Just One Year…on a high-carb, low-fat, sugar laden diet

The pod is summarizing her new (large) blog post.
In defense of low fat

The summary: Before people blamed fat and went with carbs. Now it’s fashion to blame carbs and go with fat. But she noticed there are two ends of the spectrum. High fat, low carb works. But high carb, and low fat also works. The definition of “low fat” needs to be adjusted down from 30% to less than 10% of calories. That’s the mistake many were making.

And that people can eat large amounts white rice, sugar, fruit & juices only and lose weight. Get healthier, get rid of diabetes, etc.

Several of the commenters on that post mentioned the potato diet by vegetable pharm.

How this has to do with me:
You already know I did 3 rounds of HCG diet. Late 2013-2014. Lost a net of -82lbs. Immediately, my weight went up 15-20lbs. The bounceback. Then it stayed at 245lbs for 9-10 months. I cooked and ate as clean as possible. But no matter what, the weight kept inching up. It was like holding up a boulder while standing downhill. Slowly but surely, the boulder starts winning.

The last 2-3 months, my weight has gone up dramatically. Ridiculous amounts. I can tell the seasonal shift is occurring. My mood has been dropping. And my body is taking whatever I eat and storing it as fat. Leaving me lethargic and hungry.

Since June 2014, I’ve tried as many different diets as possible. Paleo and low carb, of course. Went with moderate everything diet. Vegetarian. Vegan. Meal timing. Supplements. Intermittent Fasting. Exercising. Cold showers. I exhausted all options I could think of.

Meanwhile I’ve been learning about chinese and indian medicine. Meridians and chakras. Energy medicine. Empathic needs. Seasonal affective disorder (low serotonin) issues.

So I know that my root chakra tests weak. And spleen meridian tests weak. And I’m an emotional empath, absorbing energy (good and bad) everywhere I go. I think all of this go together. As I mentioned in my last weight post.
Empaths + Lack of Energetic Boundaries = Weight Gain

Root vegetables are recommended for weak root chakra. Root vegetables are also rec for weak spleen meridian (not sure if white potatoes are).

So it turns out potatoes may be the perfect cure.
They are high in nutrients. They rank high on the satiety scale, meaning you will feel fuller eating potatoes compared to same amount of cabbage. When you cook and then cool potatoes, they rank high for resistant starch. Which is a good thing for your gut bacteria and lowering insulin resistance.

Some commenters say the potato diet is easier than hcg diet. And they cycle on and off. Meaning you stay on the potato diet for 5 days, then two days eat normal healthy. And continue.

Anyways. I’m all in. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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