Why Showers Are The Perfect Energetic Technique

October 27, 2015

Why do showers always feel good? Why do we often get our best ideas in the shower? And why do we feel stagnant when going a couple days without it?

I think I got the answer, while showering today.

The obvious stuff:
1. Showers clean dirt off our body.

Kinda obvious:
2. Hot water heats up our body. Blood vessels widen. Vasodilation. Flow of blood is increased. All kinds of things happen with oxygen, nutrients, heart rate, etc. Relaxation.

3. Cold water cools down the body. Blood vessels narrow. Vasoconstriction. Blood flows away from the skin and towards the vital organs. Brain gets bathed with fresh nutrients. Wakes us up. That’s why people splash cold water on their face.

4. Showers generate negative ions. Improves mood. Alleviates depression. Reduces stress

Not so obvious:
5. Our hands have energy. And our 11th chakra is located there. So when we soap up, we are moving our hands all over our body, and hitting all the meridians and chakras – healing ourself.

6. Water cleanses our aura.

7. It shakes up our energetic field. Kinda like smacking an old mat against the rocks to clear up dust.

8. Water hitting our crown chakra opens that up to divine inspiration.

9. Water hitting our third eye chakra opens that up to clear vision. Psychic and intuitive skills improve.

10. Other unknown things may also be happening.