It’s ok to be a homebody (Ellen, Oprah, Brock Lesnar)

October 22, 2015

I heard Ellen Degeneres say that she is a total introvert. And doesn’t like big parties or group gatherings. When she’s not doing her show, she is a total homebody, barely leaving her house.

Eddie Murphy is also a homebody.

Amy Poehler hates parties and loves to be by herself.

Oprah is also a homebody. She mentions how she loves solitude and is comfortable being by herself.

Listening to the Brock Lesnar interview with Steve Austin, he mentions that he loves being at home. He doesn’t like people. He lives far away from civilization that he doesn’t even get cell reception in his house. He has an 8 foot wall around his home, so that he doesn’t have to see his neighbors.

Paul Heyman said in an interview that it’s nearly impossible to reach Brock by phone. If you want to talk to him, you have to set up a time. And Brock will drive out to a place where he can get reception to have the chat.

Before listening to these people, I had never thought that being a homebody was ok or normal! I would force myself to go to parties and group gatherings. Even though those things are not much fun.

But hearing these successful people mention loving solitude and being a homebody, I feel more comfortable admitting it myself.

1. Eddie Murphy & Ellen DeGeneres are homebodies (video)
2. Oprah on The RobCast (audio)
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