The Vibrance of Living Things

October 19, 2015

I’ve been studying things like prana, qi, and life force lately. And I’m seeing that there is something to all of this after all.

I read somewhere that there are three types of prana. From the sun, air, and earth. All living things absorb energy from these mediums to live.

This is starting to make sense.

I read in The Gabriel Method that eating foods that were recently alive is better than eating stale food. Because aliveness contains a certain vibrance to it. So, freshly-picked organic vegetables is better than canned stuff. I guess the preservatives don’t preserve all things after all.

I got high sunbathing in a forest over the summer. The prana there must be super high. That never happens when I take vitamin d supplements, sit in front of full spectrum lightboxes, and soak in a far infrared sauna.

You know the feeling when you see a beautiful plant in a restaurant. Walk up to it only to realize it’s made of silk. The disappointment that follows. It must be because a part of us knows that real is better than fake. And real & beautiful means it contains strong life force. Fake & beautiful means nothing.

Realizing that fresh air contains prana, I now open the windows daily.
Even in the winter. To let the fresh chi flow in. Not knowing this before, I kept windows closed 4 months a year. And instead relied on my high density negative ion generator. Just not the same, I tell ya.

I think that’s why walks are considered the best.
And people get tons of creative ideas during this time.
Because we are moving our body. Breathing fresh air. Getting some sun or moon. And earth. All the greenery around us giving off fresh vibrance.

Maybe that’s why we also get tons of ideas while showering.
Fresh vibrant water hitting our heads causes an inspiration combustion.