Lift your mood with yang energy

October 13, 2015

Ok, this is an experiment I conducted today. It might help you out also.
Because it’s working!

For some reason, I had a hard time getting started today.
Laid in bed. Low mood. Lethargic. Low energy.
Felt like I was run over by a truck.

By now, I’m familiar with this pattern. Means low dopamine, low serotonin, and signs of seasonal shift into dark days.

Normally I would reach for tyrosine (to boost dopamine) and drink coffee as a last resort. Then sit in front of my three 10,000lux brightboxes.

I started off with tyrosine, l-phenylalanine, and mucuna pruriens.
My dopamine inducing supplement combination.
No results. I actually fell asleep.

Upon awakening, I wanted to try something else. Let’s use the chinese medicine, feng shui, chi energy methods to solve this challenge.

I turned on all of the lights in my apartment.
Normally lights are only on in the rooms I’m in.
Light has positive chi energy, they say.
And humans plain feel better with light rather than dark damp places, we all know this.

Then I went around clapping my hands around my apartment.
Nothing major, just real quick.
I got this idea from space clearing feng shui people.
Marie Kondo also talks about doing this to liven up the energies in closets and dormant corners.
I know Phil Jackson also did similar space energy clearing techniques with the Chicago Bulls.

By now, I was riding a high.

I had enough energy to finally make my cup of coffee.
Coffee is yang energy, as we would guess.

Then I lit up incense.
Because I read this represents fire energy.
So does burning candles and the fireplace.

Ok, now I had another idea.
I turned on my ipad and played a fireplace video thru amazon prime. Immediately, I felt warmer on this cold dreary Chicago day.

And lastly, I dusted off my wireless bluetooth speakers and played some John Coltrane out loud. Normally I only listen to music thru headphones. But Feng Shui people say music has energy. It can be yin or yang, depending on the genre.

All of these things made me feel tremendous and alive.
Now, I know for sure that my body, life, and apartment lack yang energy.
Depression is essentially a yin event.

Anyways, I hope you try these things out the next time you are in a funk and see the results for yourself!