Just Do It

October 13, 2015

The best slogan ever.
And a lesson I keep learning over and over.

Since it’s easier to notice the speck in another person’s eye than the log in my own, I will talk about other people’s flaws for one moment.

I notice something that’s odd with people.

They are keen on labeling themselves as soon as you meet them.

Vegans will tell you they are vegan, immediately. That’s great that you love vegetables and the sanctity of animal life. But it’s not for everyone. We all play our part on earth. Some are predators. Some are prey. Lions aren’t shaming themselves for eating deer.

Religious folks sprinkle god into conversation having nothing to do with god. Like I care about their relationship with their god.

Atheists will mention their atheism, asap.
As if that’s a great accomplishment.

In college, there was this freshman kid trying to join our fraternity. And his first words to me were “do you believe in god?”

I don’t remember my answer but then he went on talking about him being an atheist. Immediately, my reaction was that this fucking kid needs to not be here. He ended up joining our frat anyways and was a decent guy. But what a terrible first impression to make!

Being atheist isn’t that impressive to me.
Even though I was born into a hindu household, I was an atheist from birth. I never questioned it. I never brought it up. I didn’t even know there was a word for not believing in god. I thought it was normal to not believe.

Over the years, through my own exploration, I’ve gotten into spirituality and the mystical traditions. And now that is my norm. But there is no need to mention it every chance I get. Sometimes the topic is: where should we eat? I can leave angels and guides out of my burrito preference.

If you’re a _______ (vegan, atheist, mormon, crossfitter, virgo, witch, hobbit), just do it. Just be. No need to announce it as soon as you enter a room.

(Trust me, I’ve made these errors myself. But it’s easier to blame others, right?)