Empaths + Lack of Energetic Boundaries = Weight Gain

October 8, 2015

I’ve been heavily researching topics that seemed unrelated but all the dots connected a few nights ago. Empaths. Meridians. Auras. Chakras. Energy Medicine. Energy Psychology. Crystals. Feng Shui. Vimala Alphabet. Energetic boundaries.

I have a new hypothesis for weight gain and weight loss.
And it has to do with the strength of our subtle bodies of energy.

I’ll run thru the list of symptoms that I experienced over the past few years that all make sense now.

1. In 2011, my arms started going numb while sleeping. Elbow all the way down to my fingers.

2. ~2012, I woke up one night with tremendous pain. My forth toe on my right foot felt like I stepped on glass.

3. For the past year or two, I’ve experienced super dry, cracked lips, no matter what I try. I’ve tried different types of lip balm, coconut oil, attempting to sleep with my mouth closed, and trying not to lick my lips. No avail.

4. I lost a bunch of weight using the HCG diet. I think around -82lbs. But since then, no matter what diet I try, I keep gaining weight rapidly. Paleo diet. Slow carb. Meal delivery. Dolce diet. Eating 2-4hrs. Cooking all my food. Vegan diet. Vegan cleanse. Protein shakes. Chugging water. Exercising. Sleeping on time. Tried tons of different supplements.

5. I get panicked in crowded environments. Especially the grocery store, the mall, or places like that. I get disoriented, sweaty, irritable, heart rate shoots up super high, and many other panic symptoms. Not always, but majority of the time.

6. My mood is highly variable depending on the person or the place. If I hang around people, they tend to feel better and I tend to feel worse. If they have a headache, it will fade. If they were feeling crummy, they will be elated by the end of our hang. But by the time I get home, I am disoriented, sick, nauseous, depressed, and bed-ridden. Same goes for certain negative energy places. I tend to soak up emotions and energy.

It took me a long time to recognize all of these patterns.

So what is happening?
This is the quick summary taken from YEARS of research:

Essentially, I’m an emotional empath.

And I have weak energetic boundaries.
Maybe they’re porous, I don’t know.
But my auric layers are not strong.
So a lot of energy comes in. Some are good. A lot are not good.

This leads to me feeling symptoms that aren’t even mine. Sickness, illness, anger, depression, sadness. I know it sounds odd, but I wouldn’t have believed it if I have not gone thru it myself.

When soaking up negative energies, my triple warmer meridian (fight or flight) gets over-activated. This results in the high heart rate, sweating, wanting to flee, and all of the panic symptoms.

When the triple warmer takes over my body, it takes energy away from the spleen meridian. They are connected this way on the meridian wheel, yin and yang.

Spleen meridian is in charge of digestion of food. Weak spleen meridian means food is not properly assimilated into the body. Result: hunger, cravings, getting fatter. Because body is not being properly nourished.

The triple warmer meridian also runs from our temple, over the ears, down the neck and shoulders, through the elbow to the fourth finger. And it runs through the forth toe of our feet. So overactivation of this meridian all my life started appearing as real life painful symptoms. Arm numbness. 4th toe pain. Neck pain.

Spleen meridian weakness results in dry cracked lips. Healthy folks have reddish healthy lips.

Weak spleen means we should stay AWAY from foods normally considered healthy. Salads, raw food, green juices, fruit cold food, dairy, coffee, butter. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT.

For fucks sake, I’ve been eating all of that for the past year.

Cold food is tough on the digestion system. So warm cooked food is preferred for weak spleen people. Spleen-friendly foods. Oats, rice, beans, quinoa, some protein, soups, broth, tea.

Recently, I started working on these symptoms and the pain has subsided!

I thought I was insane for gaining weight while scarfing down salads and green juices.

Working with eden energy medicine, I’ve been sedating my triple warmer meridian. And strengthening the spleen merdian. It’s easy to do at home.

No more arm numbness or neck pain at night!
This after years of trying different pillows, mattresses, and other techniques.

My dry lips are becoming softer WITHOUT using lip balm.
I’m only about four days in but they are recovering fast.

And I’ve been using certain crystals and energetic techniques to shore up my energetic boundaries.

The results:
Weight is going DOWN!
My weight is already down ~11 lbs in like 3 days.
And I’m eating less food. No more hunger or cravings.

The reason I’m quickly summarizing these things for you is to share that if you are having symptoms, they could be much more complex that what our regular doctor may know about.

I’ve been through multiple blood tests, diets, doctors, therapists, healers, psychiatrists, and blah blah blah over the past 15 years. And not one person was able to figure out this issue + offer solutions.

Anyways, I’ll update you later on with more info.

The Six Types of Empaths – Cyndi Dale
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“Dry and cracked lips indicate issues with fluid metabolism and pale lips indicate an overall weakness of spleen qi.” – Spleen Meridian Info

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