[audio] #77 Four Intention Stories

September 28, 2015

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Three things that happened yesterday:
1. The curious case of ordering a 1/2 slab of ribs and being charged for a full.
2. The disappearing act of my wallet.
3. The friendly dog who lets a stranger pet him, eventually.

Fourth Story:
4. The dying banana plant figures out an ingenious way to let me know exactly what it needs to live.

New Stuff I’m Into:
The Vimala Rodgers Alphabet
a. Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life (book)
b. Vimala Alphabet
c. Vimala Rodgers audio interview

Crystals for grounding, protection, energy, depression, healing
a. Crystal Store
b. The Crystal Bible – Judy Hall (book)
c. Judy Hall audio interview

Energetic Boundaries for Empaths
a. Cyndi Dale Audio Interview
b. Protect yourself from energy vamps – and the freeze name in water bottle trick
c. How to Cut Energetic Cords That Deplete You
d. Putting bowl of epsom salt by bed to soak up negative energies (this seems to lessen the frequency of nightmares for me)

Caroline Myss – Why People Don’t Heal (video)