[audio] #76 (HR Monitor + Eden Energy Medicine) > Anxiety

August 20, 2015

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I tell the story of how I originally stumbled onto Eden Energy Medicine.

Fast forward to me using her energy medicine kit, with arm movements, massaging certain parts of the body, and yes, spinning a crystal on my chakras and meridians.

This had an amazing effect on me, asap.
I think out of all the bodywork techniques (reiki, eft, reconnective healing, massage, acupuncture, acupressure, qigong, etc), Eden Energy might be the best.

The rest of the story is about how I used the positive momentum to grocery shop at a new store (normally this would be a huge anxiety provoking incident). But this time I used a heart rate monitor and kept my beats per minute in the calm zone.

Ended up with an amazing grocery shopping experience, even high-fived the store manager and got a free reusable grocery bag.

Postscript Update:
So I ended up working out twice the day I recorded this podcast.
And have been working out everyday since. This is huge for me.
Been eating super clean paleo. Body feels tremendous.
Mood, focus, energy, confidence, etc all have been super high.
EEM, chakras, meridians, and spinning crystals are the real deal!

1. Eden Energy Medicine Kit (amazon)
I prefer this kit over her book.

2a. 5 minute daily energy routine (video)
2b. PDF of 5 min daily energy routine
this is what i use

3. Introduction to energy medicine (video)

4. The Power of Full Engagement by Tony Schwartz
talks heart rate management for optimal performance