[audio] #75 Oh, you WILL have bad days

August 14, 2015

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I honestly can’t tell if this audio is good or not.

I listened to it a bunch of times and tried editing out all the filler words… until I went crazy. Why is it so hard to listen to your own voice? But here it is.

What I was trying to say is that you will for sure have shite days.
No matter what.

And this is good news.
Because it won’t catch you off guard, like it did for me this week.

It’s like Warren Buffett says about the stock market.
Mentally prepare yourself that 2-3 out of every 10yrs, on average, will be bad.
20-30% will be terrible investing years.
Then you will not panic when that happens.

Ted Williams’ best year ever was in 1941 when batted 0.406.
His career average over 19years was 0.344.
He swung and missed 65.6% of the time.

Michael Jordan’s best year of shooting was 0.539 in 1991.
And his career average over 15yrs was .497.
So he missed 50.3% of the time.

Let’s compare that to how many good days we will have per week.
If it were like the stock market, expect to have 1.4 to 2.1 bad days per week.
If we’re Ted Williams, expect to have 4.6 bad days.
And if we’re MJ, 3.5 bad days.

Bottom line.
Expect to have 1-5 bad days per week, on average.
Hopefully it will be on the lower end of the scale but bad days will happen.

And lastly, I talk about finally understanding what Abraham Hicks has been talking about, after 7yrs of listening and reading their lessons.

Guaranteed way to feel better no matter how terrible you feel.

Moving up the emotional guidance scale.

1. (pdf) Abe Hicks emotional guidance scale & 22 processes to help you feel better

2. The Vortex book
There is a chapter where they talk about a guaranteed way to feel good.

The process is like this:
-Bed time: appreciate all the things you can around you (ie: comfy bed), think as good thoughts as you can, and intend that you will sleep deeply and wake up refreshed.

-Wake up: spend 5mins in bed thinking good thoughts and appreciating as much good things as you can. This sets up the day on a good note

Focus wheel: do a couple of focus wheels to clean up any resistance thoughts you have

-Pump up the juices by doing a list of positive aspects on that same topic

-Super charge it more by doing a rampage of appreciation on that same topic
That’s pretty much it.

And as you go about your day and something resistant happens, write it down and work on it for tomorrows focus wheel.

3. It’s also similar to what Louise Hay does during her day to feel good (as mentioned in her book).
Wake up appreciating
Eat healthy light food
Mirror affirmations
Think positive thoughts
Light exercise
Write affirmations 10-20 times
Relaxation & meditation
Go to sleep appreciating