August 9, 2015

This is too slippery a topic for my brain to grasp.
But I think it means to neither say yes or no to something.
And simply observing.

For example, I have this impulse to constantly check my phone for new text messages and emails. When I do get a new message, it doesn’t make me happier. I could care less about the actual message. But some part of my brain likes the idea of checking my phone to see if a new notification pops up.

I’ve tried checking my phone whenever I feel like it.
I’ve tried NOT checking using willpower.
I’ve tried turning off notifications and even moving the email & txt apps to a different far away screen in a folder that says “DON’T CHECK”.
None of those things have freed me.

I’m going to try using nonresistance.
I think this means to neither check it or not check it.
Don’t say yes and don’t say no.
Just watch the craving come and go like a cloud.
I’ll let you know how it goes.