Pay your Toll

July 27, 2015

There’s a toll.
For everything.
And we should pay it happily and move on.
It’s not worth worrying about.

When I drive on I-290,
at some point I’ll pass one of those IPASS towers.
Where they automatically detect and charge your car a fee.
For the privilege of using the highway. And traveling fast.
What they do with that money is none of my business.
But I hope they use it for good.

When I go to the forest preserve, I also pay a toll.
I get to enjoy nature. Fresh air. Beautiful trees.
Calm. Quiet. Serene. Refreshing.
At some point in the evening, a bunch of toll takers will flock over.
For their dinner.
An all you can drink buffet.

This time around, I didn’t smack them away.
I was annoyed, sure.
I would shake my hands and feet vigorously to shoo them away.
It hurt like little needles. And I got some tiny bumps.
When it finally became unbearable, I left.
But I paid my toll.

At some point, we all die and pass on from our bodies.
All that oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, & phosphorus belong to earth.
What’s the point of encasing it in a casket? You’re dead.
You will not resurrect using that old banana peel again.
Pay your worm toll, mang.