Next time you’re suffering, do this

July 24, 2015

Tell yourself that you are suffering.

I am suffering right now.
This is how it feels for a human to suffer.
And it feels like this in my heart.
And it feels like that in my gut.
I am really suffering right now.
My body is in pain.
My mind is going nuts.
And it feels like this will never end.

Be the observer.
And disconnect yourself from the observed.

Pretend you’re stuck inside a mecha robot.
And your brain is connected to this machine.
You feel what the machine feels.
When it gets hit with a rocket, you feel it.
Alarm bells ringing. Sensors going haywire.

Take a deep breath.
And remember that you are not the robot.
You’re inside the robot.
Your goal is to get this hunk of machine to safety.
And nurse it back to health.

Worst case, the robot can’t be fixed.
And then you simply jump out of its cockpit and find another.
No big deal.