Automatic ways to feel good

July 11, 2015

I started keeping a list of things I can do whenever I needed a pick me up.

Because I was sick of riding the rollercoaster of emotions. Up and down.
A bunch of good days. Then all of a sudden, a super crappy one.
And if I don’t snap out of it asap, one bad day can turn into a week of shite.

The problem with crappy days is that I forget good days even exist.
It’s like that part of my brain is cut off from access.
So creating a list on my phone is a way to cheat the brain.

Here’s a list of things that always work for me:
Spongebob Squarepants
– this show is like pure sunshine that keeps my heart from turning too dark

Car Talk Podcast
– this is more about laughing & telling jokes rather than cars. You will love it. The two brothers who run the show are super quick witted, light, funny, and helpful at the same time.

Karl Pilkington on The Ricky Gervais Podcast
– The compilation of his diaries is 100% guaranteed to get me to laugh. Especially the part where he gets a piece of junk mail with his name spelled wrong. I burst out laughing every single time.

Three Stooges
– When I was a child, there was a chicago station that played like 6hours straight of stooges on sunday nights. I can’t get enough.

Joel Osteen Podcast
– Who would’ve thought someone like me would grow up to listen to religious sermons?? Say what you will but Joel is really good at lifting the spirits. Trust.