Quit or Keep Going?

July 4, 2015

This is more art than science.
I’ve noticed that when you work on things that are meant to be, it will work from the beginning.

You may get emails, comments, and encouragement from fans telling you how much your work means to them. This may be infrequent but will happen nonetheless.

More likely, you will feel amazing in your chest or stomach area as you are working on the project. And you’ll be having so much fun that hours pass by without noticing. Not even stopping for lunch.

This is the subtle art of noticing how you feel.
I suspect you already know what I’m talkin about.
Doing what we love is kinda easy.

The hard part is quitting things we don’t like.
Because our brain takes over, shushing the heart and gut.
And tells us that what we start, we must finish.
We need to eat every piece of broccoli on our plate before we get dessert.

I’m still working on this part of the puzzle.
Quitting projects I have no business doing. Quitting books that suck. Not eating things I don’t like. Not doing chores I should be outsourcing. Not going to parties, weddings, and other events that drain me.

The only way I’m able to manage this part is to make a list on my phone of things I don’t like.

Every time I touch a hot surface and get burned, I make a note of it on my “FOR THE LOVE OF HOLY STINKY COWS, FOR PETE’S SAKE, FOR THE SANITY OF MY SOUL – DO NOT DO LIST!”

Even with this, I still make the mistake of doing things I should be quitting.
But the list does help as I grow older and (hopefully) wiser.