Relax dude, it was only an experiment

June 27, 2015

Sometimes a memory of my younger self pops into my mind, at the most inopportune time. I might be washing dishes. Reading a book. Driving.

And there it is.
That thing I did in college that is super embarrassing to think about today.

The hundreds of hours I spent talking to random AOL girls on the phone, ringing up a huge bill.

The time I did so many beer bongs that I crawled on my hands & feet and puked into a urinal.

The time I grabbed a girl’s butt because my friend double-dared me to, and immediately regretting it afterwards.

The time we were all high and went to baskin robbins drive thru. When it was my turn to order, I panicked and blurted out “strawberry.” The sassy lady yelling thru the machine: “Strawberry? Strawwwberry? We ain’t go no strawwwberry.”

When these thoughts come up, I start to resist and tense up.
This makes it worse. Resistance is futile.

But if I relax and tell myself: “it was only an experiment, dude” – the tense feelings beings to soften.

Sometimes we need to touch the hot stove and get burned to avoid doing it again. It’s natural to test our boundaries. Everyone does cringe-worthy things in their life. Relax dude, it was only an experiment.