Warren Buffett is powered by caffeine & sugar

June 22, 2015

Everyone takes something to get thru the day.

Warren Buffett says he eats like a six year old.
Ice cream, 3 regular cokes & 2 cherry cokes, tbone steak with double hashbrowns, rootbeer floats. Hamburger and fries.

No veggies, no fruit, no water, no ethnic food, no fancy stuff.

Then it clicked.
His source of energy is caffeine & sugar.

3 cokes: 36oz, 117g sugar, 102mg caffeine
2 cherry cokes: 24oz, 56g sugar, 68mg caffeine
Total: 60oz, 173g sugar, 170mg caffeine

Compare this with coffee and donuts.
One 12ounce Americano has 154mg caffeine.
A glazed donut has 12g sugar.

So it’s like Buffett drinks 13.2oz of coffee & eats 14.4 donuts per day.

But he’s more efficient in his energy intake because donuts have fat, protein, and other things. Coffee is only 13oz, he would need to drink more liquid thru the day.

His soda intake is perfect for him.
60oz of liquid for his body + caffeine of one coffee + sugar of 14.4 donuts, without the extra fluff.