The problems with using twitter – Louis CK

June 19, 2015

I’ve used twitter since 2009 off and on.
And I’ve gotten sick of my own tweets that I fully erased all of em two different times.

Then I started tweeting the way Tony Hsieh tweets.
Using positive psychology. Make every tweet ICEE (interesting, connecting, entertaining, or educational).

I did that for a few years. But twitter wasn’t making me happier.

Social networks benefit from our overuse of their product. They want us to tweet, post, put up pics, whatever as much as possible. They make the product super addicting. Who you should follow. Nonstop notifications.

Twitter is like a casino.
Sure, you can go in expecting to spend no money, and just to eat at the great buffet. But before you know it, they will have sucked some money outta your pockets.

Twitter is great.
You go in to tweet once, or to check a tweet. And soon, they have robbed you of your precious time. 20-30minutes gone just like that. And if they caught you in an angry moment, you will have tweeted some nonsense that you’ll regret later.

Louis makes the perfect case to stop twitter.
It’s a big waste of time.
It’s too instant.
The only things we tweet are quick responses.
It’s like our amygdala talking.

If we were to rank outlets in terms of thoughtless to thoughtful, twitter would rank 1st.
1. Twitter
2. Honking car during rush hour
3. Texting
4. Emails
13. Wine and dinner with close friend
14. Well-written book