Why do shitty places have shitty service?

June 15, 2015

The answer is obvious.
But it took me a long time to understand why.

In The Big Short, Michael Lewis talks about how all the smart finance people end up working in big firms on wall street. And the people meant to police them, the SEC, is staffed with lesser folks.

Not because they’re terrible people.
Because smart ambitious people end up wanting to work where they can earn high rewards. The SEC will not pay you millions. But you can make that with a few trades on wall street.

This explains why people working at gas stations could care less about you.
Or the waitress at ihop who is rude yet the waiter at a high-end steakhouse is a carbon copy of superhuman Jeeves.

Best people want to work at the best places with the best rewards.
That leaves shitty places with lesser people who provide shitty service.
Toll booth. DMV. TSA. Courthouse. Plumbers. Painters.

They are not bad people. We are all humans doing our best.
But don’t expect first class treatment in coach.

The Big Short – Michael Lewis