There’s Gold in your Struggle

June 14, 2015

Someone told me the story of black gold.
Do you know what it is?
It was new to me.

It’s real life alchemy.

Take all the shit you don’t want.
That you normally throw out in the trash.
Because it stinks and can’t be eaten.

Banana peels
Avocado skin
Cores of apples, all brown & icky now
Lemon peels, seeds
Table scraps
Egg shells
If it once was alive, and is part of food, throw it in there.

Combine with leaves and some other stuff.
Put it outside in a bin.
Let the sun heat it up.
Wait a few days.

And you now have black gold!
The most nutrient rich soil that plants go nuts over.
Like cats to catnip, plants love to rub their snouts all over black gold.

Garbage in. Black gold out.

Comedians make gold out of their trash all the time.
A movie isn’t good unless there’s some mad struggle in there.
Same for all great hero stories. There’s gold in your struggle.
Figure out how to combine your trash in the proper ratio & let it heat up.


In composting corners, you often hear about the C/N ratio or carbon to nitrogen ratio. Basically, all organic matter can be divided into carbon-rich (brown stuff) and nitrogen-rich (green stuff) materials. Using the right mixture of brown to green stuff when building a compost pile encourages the pile to heat up and decompose efficiently. Although nearly any combination of organic materials eventually decomposes, for the fastest and most efficient compost pile in town, strike the correct balance (C/N ratio) between the two types of material — usually 25 to 1 (that is, 25 parts carbon to 1 part nitrogen). – Black Gold for Dummies