How Your Prayers Get Answered

June 14, 2015

God even works thru medicine – I heard someone say.

You know how when life is shit and you resort to weapons of last resort.
Maybe I’ll pray, you think. Fuck it, it’s free and no one has to know.

And when you pray, the answer will come.
Ask and it is given, they say.
It’s true.

The hard part is recognizing the answer.

It will not come with the clouds parting, bright yellow sun shining directly on your face like a spotlight, angels playing the harp, and the thundering almighty saying: “Hey dude, yea you standing there with shorts on, no not you, the blue shorts guy, hey, look over here. Yea you. Ok. Ready? The answer is 42. Boom! You’re welcome.”

Fireworks explode. A bunch of doves get released. Confetti rains down and all your life problems are solved.

Most likely your answer will come in the form on hints.

Maybe you have a fucked up dream where this chair keeps creaking and your houseplants stand up outta their pots and walk around, getting dirt all over your carpet.

Or the inner voice tells you to turn left when your logical brain knows you’re supposed to go right.

Maybe you’re buying groceries and the ladies standing behind you talk about a book they read.

Maybe as you flip thru the channels, you hear a commercial that seems to speak directly to you.

Maybe you’re on the highway, a car cuts you off and the vanity plates say “BHAPPY9”. If you’re too busy yelling at the car, may miss the message.

A friend emails you out of the blue and asks you to lunch. The answer could come from a fortune cookie. Or someone’s blog post. From your mom or dad. Brother. Neighbor. The weird dude at Walgreens.

A bird chirps outside your window nonstop. At first you find it annoying. Then something you read as a child in 5th grade flashes back and you make the connection.

The spirit world works in hints & nudges.
And the whole world is made of spirit.
So the answer can literally come from a piece of lint falling on your face.
Know what I’m sayin??

One way I try to live is to imagine that every single thing is the answer. A lot of em turn out to be dead ends but I treat life as if I’m Sherlock Holmes and the clues are everywhere waiting to be found.