How to handle parents you always fight with?

June 14, 2015

I have no idea.
This is a puzzle I’m trying to solve.

It’s easy to shed crappy friends, neighbors, and coworkers.
Siblings, we can ignore. Even a crappy wife, divorce.

But what about parents.
Is it ok (ethically, morally) to cut ties with them?

What are our options?
1. Hang with them, and fight.
2. Hang, resist fighting.
3. Don’t fight and don’t resist, accept them as they are (do some zen & stoic shit).
4. Do some prepaving before hang, so that you only end up hanging with them on days both of you are feeling good (do some law of attraction shit).
5. Hang, rarely.
6. Don’t hang with them, ever.
7. Something else?