Hard Working Employees Often Get Taken Advantage Of

June 12, 2015

Top employees have higher self-control, work hard, make it look easy, and complain less. Thus, the boss gives her more work to do while the less productive employees have it easy. This is a big mistake.

And the solution:

“In the workplace, managers should be careful to give the highest quality work and best opportunities to the most capable employees, and give the lower quality but time consuming work to less capable employees,” says Koval. “If someone is doing more than his fair share, compensate him for it. If not, he may ultimately leave and seek recognition elsewhere. Similarly, in our personal relationships, we should recognize that just because our high-ability partners can do something for us, doesn’t mean that we should let them. And if they do help us, we should recognize it and thank them for it. Otherwise, they too may end up feeling burdened by us, and less satisfied—and that should be the last thing we want to do to a good employee or a good partner.”

Being a Go-Getter Is No Fun

Thank god someone wrote this article. I’ve felt like this for many years.