Two simple things that change your whole life (appreciation & forgiveness)

June 10, 2015

I said it’s simple, not easy!
Trust me, this is gonna be hard.
It’s like trying to take your cat to the vet.
Especially if she’s been there before.

These two steps below will 100% change your life for the better.

1. Take one thing that bugs you the most (people, places, or things)
And write as many things about that thing that you appreciate.

Write 10 things, or 10 pages.
Up to you. The more you write the better.

Some people call this gratitude.
I like the word “appreciation” better.
Since I’m an Abraham-Hicks guy.

Example: Zig Ziglar talks to a lady who hates her job

2. Forgive someone (yourself or others)
“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”
– Mark Twain

This is super hard.
Like giving your cat a bath & then taking her to the vet.

The first time I gave my cat a bath was also the last.
I didn’t know cats hated water!
She hissed, and squirmed, and finally pulled out her claws.
And jumped over my face, and climbed down my back, one painful claw at a time.
Touche, cat, touche.

This is gonna be tough.
But when you’re ready (today or 10yrs from now),
write the name of the person who has done you wrong.
And forgive them for everything they have done to you.
Remember, they only did that act once to you.
And you replaying it in your head a 100 times isn’t helping.

Write things like:
I know you were just doing the best you could do at that time.
I release you from my thoughts.
I forgive you for your errors in judgement.
We’ve all made mistakes before and I’m no saint either.
I wish you the best in your journey.
(And whatever else you can think of.)

Example: Edwene Gaines on why forgiveness is important

Appreciation vs Gratitude (video) – Abraham Hicks