Priming The Pump

June 8, 2015

Sitcoms have a standup comedian do some jokes.
Before the taping. To keep the audience warmed up and ready to laugh.

Late night shows do the same.
And they have live music to keep the audience energy levels up during commercials.

Professional talkers warm up their voice before hitting the stage. Make random noises. Breathing exercises. Maybe hop up and down to get more energy.

Athletes have their warm up routines. Pre-game rituals. Shootarounds. Music. Get in a huddle for pep talk. Grunt and cheer. Getting ready for war out on the court.

I once tried using a water pump in the forest preserve.
The kind where you have to press the lever up & down a bunch of times.

How many did it take to get water?
15 pumps.

The first few pumps were easy. When I got to around ten, started getting nervous. Self-doubt. That maybe I won’t get water. The well might be dry?

I wanted to quit and walk away.
Just a few more, I thought.
And like clock-work, water came out on the 15th.
Then each successive pumping brought a continuous supply of water for as long as I wanted.

I think everything worthwhile requires priming of the pump.
Warm up exercises. Pep talks. Music. Getting psyched.
To get into the rhythm of things. All the pros do it.
Only you will know how much priming is needed to get your flow going.