Why Should We Help The Poor & Less Fortunate?

June 5, 2015

I don’t get it.

I like to tip my waitresses & haircut people well.
I’m against the idea of tipping but I cannot help but not tip 20-50%.
Sometimes even 100%.
I tip even if the service sucks.

I like giving gifts better than receiving.
I like to donate money to charities when I have a steady income.

But I don’t work in homeless shelters serving soup.
I don’t stand in street corners offering free hugs.
I don’t mentor kids.
And I definitely don’t travel to poor countries helping the sick & less fortunate.

I get that helping people is the nice thing to do.
I get that it makes us feel good.
But why should we do it?

I have a hypothesis.
The more spiritual (or religious) the person, the more they will help others.
The more atheist someone, less helping of others.

I’m not saying spiritual people are better or atheists are better.
I think philosophy is the reason we help others.

Bill & Melinda Gates are traveling the world helping the poor.
Spending ALL of their money and ALL of Warren Buffett’s billions trying to solve important diseases, improve education, bring technology, and raise the living standards of millions of poor people.

This is awesome.
But why are they doing this while some other billionaires spend their money buying sports teams? Or fast cars. Mansions & yachts?

I think this has to do with Melinda Gates.
She was raised a …..well shit. I just now decided to google her being a catholic and she answered the question herself.

“My Catholic upbringing has always been a driving force behind my work at the Gates Foundation.”

when Bill and I got married, his mother wrote us a letter that included a quotation from the Book of Luke: ‘For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.’

I am inspired by the voluminous Catholic literature on God’s commitment to the poor. I received my Catholic education at Ursuline Academy, where we were taught to live out our motto, serviam – ‘I will serve’. I would not be so passionate about saving women’s lives if I hadn’t been steeped in teachings about social justice.”
– Melinda Gates

The reason we help others makes sense only if we are all one.
Buddhists believe we are all living buddhas.
Hindus believe each person is god form living a human existence.
Catholics believe that we are all god’s children.
New thought/unitary church/law of attraction/spirituality folks believe we are all source living as a human. “All that is” having a human experience.

That explains people like Mother Teresa (catholic), Dalai Lama (buddhist), and Amma the hugging saint (hindu).

And Melinda Gates.

Bill Gates’ Catholic wife Melinda
Gates Foundation Annual Letter