A Psychic With a Shitty Website

June 5, 2015

There’s this famous psychic intuitive lady who has a terrible website.
And I don’t think she knows it.

The lady is nice, has written many best-selling books.
I’ve even had “psychic” readings done with her.
It was super expensive, and I wasn’t that impressed.
But she is well-meaning and no doubt connected to spirit.

What makes a shit website?

You know how people talk about “above fold”?
It’s a newspaper term. Put the important stuff above the fold of the newspaper.
That’s what most people will see. Things below fold get less visibility.

Same things apply to websites.
Put the most important things up top.

What’s the point of a website?
To help others. To help yourself. To share important things. To make an income. To raise money for charities. Whatever. There has to be a purpose for the website.

This lady has two huge pictures of herself above fold.
If you scroll down, you will notice a total of 10 pictures of her laughing and posing.
All on one page!

Maybe that’s ok if you’re a supermodel advertising your looks to get more jobs.
But if you’re a psychic intuitive, I assume you want to share your gift with your readers. By offering free useful info. And then charging for your premium services.

There is nothing useful on her front page. Zero things.
Even if there is something I could use, it’s so cluttered with large pictures of herself that it hurts my head.

How did this happen?

This is not her fault! She has no idea what makes a good website.
I’ll bet a chili cheese dog with extra onions that she hired someone to design her website.

A website designer makes money by pleasing his client.
He doesn’t make money by pleasing his client’s clients.

So most website designers will probably put pictures of you all over your homepage. And you start to think the page looks great. Because you like looking at pictures of yourself. And no one has told her that a page full of pictures of herself does not help any of her customers even one percent.

She’s not the only one who has this type of website.
Sometimes it’s hard to see clearly.
I’ve fallen for this in the past. I may fall for this in the future.
But it’s important to see things from the perspective of your clients rather than yourself.