“Love Your Disease, It’s Keeping You Healthy”

June 4, 2015

I swear I started out as a skeptic atheist baby.


I was listening to some Louise Hay and she mentioned a book that changed her life.

Louise is a wonderful & successful woman.
Overcame abuse, cancer, helped people with aids back when they were outcasts. Started her own publishing house because no one else would put out her books.

Now Hay House is a mf’n juggernaut.
They publish all the great new thought & spirituality books.

But you already knew that if you’re reading this post.

So there’s this book called “Love Your Disease.” Also another called “Love, Medicine, and Miracles.” Both written by doctors. And Louise was talking about them.

It’s about the spiritual aspect of healing they’ve seen in their practice.

Basic premise is that love heals. Spiritual connection heals. No matter what the illness.

I’ve read about it. I believe it intellectually. Yet when it comes right down to my illnesses, I forget to apply the principles.

Two weeks ago, I had a severe flu.
The flu to end all flus. I originally thought it was a candida die-off because I had been taking some supplements. All the issues I was experiencing lined up with what people said online. Except it was severe.

It lasted a whole week and kept getting worse. I was sweating and delirious most of the day. My normal flu cures (medicine & supplements) weren’t working.

One night, I had this terrible nightmare.
That bacteria-like men were running thru my apartment destroying all the furniture. I kept hiding from them. Kinda like the ring wraiths from Lord of the Rings, looking for Frodo & the ring. I’m a grown dude, but that was some scary shit. I woke up petrified.

So the next day, I had a thought to “love my disease.”
I hand-wrote a treaty with candida. It’s too long to explain but the basic premise was that I respect the candida bacteria. And we had to make a truce. Candida needs me to live. I need it to live. Except they had taken too much land in my body. They need to get back into control.

I imagined a treaty that the US made with Japan after the war. Where the general of the losing country comes aboard the winner’s carrier ship.

That night I slept peacefully for the first time in a week. I woke up still sick but the delirium had passed. I made an appointment with a proper doctor (this seems like obvious to do in hindsight, but I was too delirious before to think of it).

Turns out I did have some candida die off symptoms.
But the main issues were allergies. The doctor had seen many patients come in that week with similar issues. Then I remembered that I had walked in the forest preserve for over 2 hours the day before I got sick. It never crossed my mind that allergies exist. Or that I could get them by walking in a forest. Or that tree pollen was gonna fuck up my immune system this bad.

There is no scientific proof that me handwriting a treaty with candida had anything to do with figuring out I actually had allergies.

But it cost me zero dollars to write a treaty. It cost me zero dollars to love my candida disease (i kept picturing loving it while falling asleep). And my subconscious never again showed me any more nightmares of things tearing apart my body.

I really think there is something to this whole “love yourself” and “love your disease” business. I have other examples (about my weight issues & depression) but this post has become too long. Will tell-ya later.

Love Your Disease – Dr. John Harrison, ND
Love, Medicine, and Miracles – Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD
You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay
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