Forget Therapy, Start a Blog

June 4, 2015

“Everyone should start a blog or a podcast” – Seth Godin

Therapy is you paying a lot of money to talk to a person, in a private room.
You reveal your “secrets”, the person nods approvingly. He takes some fake notes. One hour passes. Time’s up. Pay up. See you next week. That’s all it is.

A good therapist doesn’t interrupt.
He lets you figure it all out yourself. His job is to be your silent, loving coach. Sometimes he will say something that you haven’t noticed. Or show you how to think a different way. Nothing major.

Go to a therapist if you must.
I have. A bunch of times.
Many different types. Male, female, young, old.
And I always feel better after a visit.
But it’s very expensive. And there is no big secret to it.
You can do this yourself.

Comedians say what they do is therapeutic.
Musicians say what they do is therapeutic.
Same for painters and writers.
Jerry Seinfeld says therapy is a big waste of time.
Warren Buffett says he loves what he does so much that he tap dances to work.
And I don’t think he goes to a therapist.
Jim Rohn believes most of our problems are caused by not doing the very best we can do.

I think therapy can be useful.
Therapy is like training wheels on a bike.
Eventually, you can ride the bike by yourself.
If you forget how to ride, go back to a therapist to get a reminder.

Anyways, I was planning on explaining why a blog is better and ended up ranting about therapy sucking.

Start a blog.

Put your real name on it. (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
Put your real picture on it. (THIS IS ALSO IMPORTANT)
No more hiding.

And start typing. Give it a few years. See what happens.
I guarantee you will end up a 100% different, better person with time.
First you will influence the blog. Later, the blog will influence you.

If people leave shitty comments (trust me, this never happens), delete them. Or turn comments completely off like Seth Godin. You wouldn’t welcome someone into your house to talk shit to your face. Why should you let someone come onto your blog to leave shitty comments?

And don’t check the stats. I know you will. But eventually try not to.

Do the same with a podcast.
And a youtube channel.
These days, it’s free to have your own printing press, radio broadcast, and tv channel. Like Seth Godin says. How fun.

Humans are self-expression machines.
If you block the creative outlet, there’s gonna be trouble.