Everything has a price

June 3, 2015

Fresh outta college, I went to a local bank to open a new checking account.

The banker was a white dude, kinda thick in stature but not fat. Full head of hair. Looked maybe a few years older than me. Laid back. Almost like a friend I would’ve had in college. So I decided to ask him a real question.

While he was preparing my paperwork, I asked him how he got this job. How did you do it, dude?

I was a finance major and curious for selfish reasons.

He looked up from the papers, stared directly at my eyes, in all seriousness, “I paid my dues man.” Nothing more was said. I got it.

He wasn’t arrogant, not happy, nor annoyed. Just the tired look of a guy who had paid the price to get where he was.


Warren Buffett paid a price.
One of those was an unhappy wife who left him to go to California to pursue her dreams.

Michael Jordan paid a price.
$168million in a divorce settlement to the mother of his kids.

Elon Musk paid a price.
Thrice divorced (twice from same woman).

Socrates paid a price.
Sentenced to death by poison.

The ruthless pay a price.
Generous pay a price.
Playboys pay a price.
Monks pay a price.
Married pay a price.
Single pay a price.

Even eating costs something.
That’s why we have toilets.

The reason I mention all of this is because sometimes (a lot of times) I get envious of someone else’s life.

And that makes me feel terrible about mine.

I have to remind myself that everyone has paid a price to get where they are today. And some things are too expensive for my taste.