Why bad food tastes good (salt, sugar & fat)

June 1, 2015

Ever since I started cooking, I don’t see food as food anymore.
I’m seeing food as their base components.

And three of them matter most when it comes to “bad” food.
Salt. Sugar. Fat.

These three things have super addictive qualities.
And all fast food, processed food, and restaurants use them to get us hooked.

Bacon is no longer bacon.
It’s high fat + high salt.

Ice cream isn’t ice cream.
It’s high fat + high sugar.

And those delicious ribs.
High fat + high sugar (bbq sauce)

Now I know the trick. And I’m no longer impressed.

If anything tastes good, and I mean ANYTHING, it has high fat, high sugar, or high salt. Plus chemicals to make them more palatable, long lasting, more addictive.

It’s not all bad. We can use this information to our advantage.
By taking low flavor good food & adding healthy flavors.

Instead of table salt –> sea salt, other spices
Instead of crap sugar –> fruit, stevia, lil bit of raw honey
Instead of cheese, mayo, or bad fat –> avocado, olives, olive oil, coconut oil, cashews

Salt Sugar Fat – book on How the Food Giants Hooked Us
How to make fish taste good – (acid + spices + fat + flavorings)
How to make chicken breasts taste good – (salt brine = juicier, spice blend, fat sauce)
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