What happened to all the cool kids from high-school?

May 30, 2015

There are cool kids & uncool kids.
Cool lunch tables & uncool lunch tables.

Whatever happened to the cool kids?
Cool kids can be smart or dumb.
Jocks or cheerleaders.
Drama club or student body.
Had good parents or bad parents.

Some of the cool kids became famous actors.
Some became professional athletes.
Others supermodels.
Famous singers.
These are the rare ones.

A bunch are cam models. Because they’re single parents needing to pay bills.
Others are lifelong bartenders. Still flashing cleavage for tips.
Some joined the local police force. Power-trippin.
The ones who didn’t make it to pro athletics became personal trainers.
Or opened gyms.
Some of the exjocks are working as walgreen’s ass-istant managers.

Failed pro-athletes & ex-cheerleaders are now toiling to make it in WWE.
The ones who can’t make it there are struggling in TNA.

The ones with rich parents are kinda lucky.
Still living under their parents wings.
Maybe as a vice president in their company.
Making every other employees’ lives miserable.

Some of em died in car crashes. Or police shoot-outs.
And the rest are living normal married lives.