The hole in the middle is what makes it a donut

May 29, 2015

“It is the silence between the notes that makes the music;
it is the space between the bars that cages the tiger.”
– Zen Proverb

You know how when you’re watching a sitcom, and start paying attention to the laugh track, it fucks everything up. You can’t unhear it anymore. And the whole show starts sounding weird.

I was watching a bunch of late night show clips.
And for some reason, I started paying attention to the host rather than the guest. Now I’m fucked forever.

All I can hear is how fake the conversation sounds.
The host is constantly laughing at a comedian’s joke. Like way too much. Sometimes slapping the desk from laughter. The laughs-out-loud per minute is higher than in any real life situation.

The host is feeding fake questions to set the guest up for preplanned stories. We all know this is how it is. But once I started paying attention to only the host, it became super uncomfortable to watch.

Then I started pitying the host.
His job is to laugh out loud, make fake banter, let the guest talk as much as possible, and pretend to be interested.

While dressed up in an uncomfortable suit, be perfectly shaven, in front of a studio audience, and broadcast to millions of people.

And if they’re lucky, they get to do this five days a week for DECADES!

No wonder this leads to depression.
Or maybe depression is what makes them good at their job.
I don’t know.

But both David Letterman & Conan O’Brien have talked openly about their depression and how they take meds for it. The great ones pay a price for our entertainment.

This clip below is both funny & kinda weird once you start paying attention to only the hosts.