Cooking good food means washing not good dishes (Elon Musk & Jeff Bezos)

May 28, 2015

Do you ever go on an interview binge of one person?
Listening, watching, and reading everything about them obsessively.
I can’t be the only one.

For a while it was listening to everything Patrice O’Neal.
(If you’re a Patrice fan, you’ll understand why.)
Then, it was everything Louis CK.
Warren Buffett.
Charlie Munger.
Steve Jobs.
Jerry Seinfeld.
Jeff Bezos.
Lately it’s been Elon Musk.

This is a long way of saying I’ll be talkin about Elon Musk again
(& Jeff Bezos).

In an interview, he was talking about how he loves the product engineering part of his work. All the rest of the stuff (CEO of SpaceX, CEO of Tesla, Chairman of SolarCity, and a bunch of other shit I’m sure) he does because he has to.

The interviewer asked if it were possible to just do the things he loves and outsource the rest.

And he said that cooking good food also means that you must wash the dishes. Part of life is learning to wash dishes. You must do your chores. He may not like being the CEO but at this time, that’s his washing dishes. And the good food is a successful rocket launch.

Jeff Bezos also says something similar.

He mentions that as busy as he is running one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world, he’s home everyday for dinner. And he washes the dishes every night. No maids. No Nannies.

He half jokes that every time he washes dishes, he becomes a little bit more sexier in the eyes of his wife. “It’s the single sexiest thing I can do.”

I’ve spent a lot of my life only eating good food.

Lately I’ve been trying hard to get back on track and learn to wash dishes, grocery shop, throw out the garbage, floss, clean the bathroom, and rest of the activities that goes with being a grown up human.

And it’s not that bad once you get the hang of it.

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”
– Warren Buffett