Find Your Lane

May 27, 2015

I was talking to this martial arts dude.
Black belt instructor.
And he’s a year younger than me.
I was naturally curious to hear what led him on this path.

He said his prior job was working as an EMT.
You know, the dudes who show up in an ambulance when you call 911.
Anyways, he saw some crazy shit in his life.
He said it with kind of a smirk.

I asked if he ever got nightmares.
Did any of the crazy shit get stuck in his mind?
He looked at me as if I were speaking klingon.

Never, he said.

That his personality is cold.
He can shut off that part of the mind that cares. The work never comes home with him. And that he would’ve made a great soldier if he’d gone that route. His eyes had that look of a guy who kinda wished he were riding a tank in the battlefield right now instead of talking to me.

Sometimes I forget that there are different people in the world.

Crazy shit definitely sticks in my mind.
Sometimes for weeks. So much so that I no longer watch the news. Or most of anything. Nothing negative, violent, sad, or weird. Yes, that means I had to give up my Game of Thrones addiction.

If everyone in this country were made like me, we would lose every war.
We need cold blooded folks to do that job.
People like me to do whatever it is I do best.
And we need people like you to do what you’re good at.