Never get morning breath again

May 24, 2015

You only have to read the title, and life will never be the same ever again.
In my whole life, 33 years so far, not a single person has ever said I could avoid getting morning breath.

Not my parents, relatives, friends, enemies, frenemies, neighbors, coworkers, teachers, doctors, dentists, dental assistants, psychics, psychologists, psychiatrists, strangers, no one in movies or tv, not in books (fiction & nonfiction), not even in any of my crazy dreams.

I assumed morning breath was like winter.
It just happened. And you cope with it by covering up your mouth from your mate, and rushing to the bathroom to brush teeth in the morning. I took it for so granted that I have NEVER searched “get rid of morning breath” in google.

Well if you didn’t know before, I am here to say you can avoid morning breath forever.

It takes work of course. About 3-5mins every nite.
Not even a secret what you must do.

What causes bad morning breath?
I assumed mouths just smell bad.
And that toothpaste masks the smell for a while.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Many reasons cause bad breath.
The main thing is bacteria.
We eat food. And some of it gets stuck between our teeth, on our tongue, and other parts of the mouth.

Food has an odor.
And when bacteria start having their feast, more odor.

Also if you sleep with your mouth open, it will smell worse.
Because bad bacteria love a dry environment.

Of course if you smoke or drink or whatever, mouth may smell worse.

What gets rid of bad morning breath?
Remove the reasons for bad breath.

Floss your teeth
So that food particles that are lodged between can be taken out. Otherwise it will inflame your gums, cause terrible breath, and gum disease. I’ve had periodontal disease (even though my teeth and gums looked completely normal). And it’s a pain in the ass to fix. It takes a dentist, painful tools, numbing of the gums, and a buttload of money.

Brush your teeth.
This gets rid of food particles from around your teeth.

Brush/Scrape your tongue.
I do this with my electric toothbrush.

Use a proper mouthwash.
For about 45 seconds. This kills bad bacteria.

I’ve tried the harsh ones you can get over the counter.

And tried coconut oil pulling (a hassle to do because it takes 20 minutes to properly disinfect the mouth).

The best I’ve tried is Therabreath.
I was looking for some natural mouthwashes and this one was highly rated on amazon. The story goes that a dentist had a daughter who had terrible breath. It was so bad that she kept getting teased & bullied by her peers. So he created a gentle yet effective mouthwash formula. Using oxygen. I guess oxygen kills bad bacteria. This mouthwash has no alcohol, artificial flavors or colors, blah blah blah.

I’m not trying to sell the mouthwash.
You can try for yourself. I’ve purchased it from amazon and the local cvs. My mom also loves the product.

What I am trying to sell is that morning breath is optional.

Why the fuck didn’t my dentist say it this way?
Instead of “you should brush and floss your teeth after every meal,” tell me why and explain the benefits, dude!

Never getting morning breath is a great reason to go thru the hassle of flossing. And the rest.

PS: I figured this out by accident.
My periodontal disease kept coming back because I refused to floss. Didn’t scrape my tongue. And never used mouthwash.

I only brushed my teeth and ate a ton of altoids.

After my second bout with a deep cleaning, the expenses, and especially the pain of scalpels digging between the gums, I resolved to take care of my teeth.

And it was a pleasant surprise waking up with a fresh mouth.