How many lotteries did you win?

May 22, 2015

Cameron Russell won the genetic lottery.
She’s a supermodel.
Tall, pretty, slender and white.
Gets paid to walk around in underwear.
But she is rare in that she admits her good luck.
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Warren Buffett won the ovarian lottery.
He admits the odds of him being born white, male, in america, with the passion for capital allocation, at a time when this could be put to use, were astronomical. Bill Gates jokes that if Warren had been born earlier, he would’ve been some animal’s lunch. Ditto for Bill.
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Seth Godin won the parental lottery.
“I was a free range kid.”
He tells stories of his parents being smart, wise, and letting him try wild experiences. Like the time his parents put him on a boat with a stranger. When he was 14. Seth ended up alone and lost. Middle of the night, in downtown Cleveland. Found his way back home to Buffalo. And his mom sent him to school the next day. As if nothing traumatic had happened. Because nothing bad did happen.
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Some people hit it big right away.
But don’t get discouraged.
You can grind it out and create your own advantages.

“If you don’t like how things are, change it.
You’re not a tree!”

– Jim Rohn