Good Advice From Bad People

May 22, 2015

Don’t take it.
Their best ideas got them where they are today.

If a bad person tells me to eat vegetables, I’ll start snorting cocaine. (that’s the opposite of vegetables, right?)

What makes a person bad?
Very subjective. But there are some common themes.

Look to movies & tv for examples.
Saruman from Lord of the Rings
Biff from Back to the Future
Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants
Walter White (& nearly everyone) from Breaking Bad

Everyone has good & bad qualities.
If we were to make a list of all the bad qualities and notice a majority of them in a person = safe to call them a bad person in this scenario.

You will encounter different types of advice in life.

1. Good advice from bad people.
2. Bad advice from bad people.
Best to avoid bad people as a rule so you don’t have to hear them yapping.
The worse the person, the more advice they give.

3. Good advice from good people.
– Try it out.

4. Bad advice from good people.
– Listen. But avoid doing.
Figure out the error the person is making in thinking this is good advice. Because if this good person can make this error, so can we.

This is a hard lesson to learn in life.
To distinguish when good people give bad advice.

Because people in general are well meaning.
And they think they are helping.
But it can seriously lead you astray from your true north.

I’m not immune from this disease.
I’ve given so much terrible advice that I could probably get my name in the guinness world records.

And I’ve consumed too much terrible advice as well.

The best thing is to develop your inner compass.
It takes time.
Read a lot. Fiction & Nonfiction. Notice things. Try different experiments.
Eventually you’ll recognize how some piece of advice feels in your gut.
Or better yet, you can generate your own advice.