“Get off twitter. And do your work.” – Seth Godin, Louis CK, Joss Whedon, Jay-Z

May 21, 2015

Seth Godin doesn’t use twitter.
You can’t comment on his blog. And he doesn’t check amazon reviews for his books. Even though he’s a big time best-seller. Because it’s a big waste of time. He’s a writer who writes. It doesn’t matter what others say. He will keep writing.

Louis CK erased his twitter account.
Because it was making him unhappy. And he doesn’t want to be unhappy.

Joss Whedon also quit twitter.
Because it was distracting him from his real work.
He’s a writer. And a movie maker. Twitter is a big time suck.

Jay-Z doesn’t tweet regularly.
Because he knows his personality. And twitter is an addictive siren.
He’s a rapper. And a businessman. So he raps and runs businesses, man.