(THE BIG CON) How I got rich & so can you

May 20, 2015


I almost fell for the same con twice today.

I’ve fallen for so many cons in my life that it’s embarrassing.
Here are the greatest hits:

1. Going to an internet seminar back in the 90s.
Before iphones, youtube, google, facebook, etc existed. The guy on stage said it’s so easy to make money on the internet that there’s even a website that collects dog turds and ships em to people you don’t like. And they’re raking in the big bucks. All I have to do is sign up for his product (can’t remember for how much, maybe $5000) and he will share how I can also become rich thru “the internet.” Luckily I was in highschool and my mother said no to this con.

2. Buying stocks when I knew nothing of investing.
Because everyone else was getting rich quick. As soon as I bought, the market tanked. Lost all my money (+ my parents $$$) during the dot com crash. The con that any dummy could get rich quick buying stocks.

3. Getting my realtor license at the peak of real estate bubble.

I didn’t realize that nearly everyone was becoming a realtor at this point and I lacked any social or selling skills. The con that any dummy can get a realtor license and make a bundle playing middleman.

4. Buying a cashflow negative rental property during the bubble.
At a point which I thought was the bottom of real estate market. But then the market prices dropped another 50%. I couldn’t find tenants. Losing money. And I had to file for bankruptcy because well I was becoming bankrupt. The con that any dum dum can get rich quick flipping or investing in real estate. Because I read one too many rich dad poor dad books.

5. Buying get rich quick info products
During the internet marketing boom. I still have a product on my shelf called “Mass control 2.0. 30 days to mass control millions.” I really believed that I could also make MILLIONS in 30 days. The con that any dummkopf can get rich quick by creating a landing page, email list, writing copy, and using google keywords tools to find niches.

There are probably other cons that I’ve blocked out of my memory.
But you get the point.

Ok back to today.
6. This guy was talking about how he makes $300,000 thru podcasting.

Let me clarify.





(not pesos)


3.6 million dollars a year.

thru motherfuckin podcasting.
(no actual mothers necessary)

The medium where it’s infamously hard to make money.
Unless you have tons of ads of course. Even then, there’s a cap to how much you can make. Only so many ads you can stuff into a podcast before it becomes unlistenable.

I started getting that feeling in the gut while listening to this guy.
Don’t know quite how to describe it.
Like a punch in the stomach? Or like the feeling of seeing pictures on facebook of “friends” doing amazing things while I’m sitting at home on a friday night reading?

The fear of missing out.
I think that’s what the feeling is.

Anyways, I’m not saying this guy is a liar.
He probably does make $300,000 PER MONTH thru his podcasts.

The reason he makes that much is the same reason all cons work.
He relies on people who have shit jobs and want freedom.
They will try anything to escape the rat race.

He makes money by saying he makes money and selling how you can too.

I’m sure this con happens in every age.
Back in the gold rush days, the people making money were probably selling shovels. Or maps of gold veins.

“Hey I got rich shoveling for gold. It’s so easy. Come to california, and I’ll sell you the shovels and maps pointing where to dig.”

(My mother told me last week that there is a diamond mine in texas. And we only have to pay a small fee and can keep all the diamonds we find!!)

Ok back to this guy.
I tried out his premium “how to make money in podcasting” product last year.

I think it sold for $1000? Or $500? 199? Can’t remember. But I wanted to see what it was all about. And because nowadays internet con men offer a 100% money back guarantee.

I checked it out.
It was 100% trash.
And I got my money back.

Today, he was a guest on a podcast I frequently listen to.
And the “fear of missing out dragon” was starting to wake up.
Maybe I too can make THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH thru podcasting. Even making $5000 a month would be great. It sounds so easy.

Fuck you Smaug.
And your dragon sickness.
When will I learn?

“The Dragon-sickness affected some more than others, and its effects were especially powerful on those who were already greedy and selfish.”source

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