How I take a cold shower

May 19, 2015

First the Why:
Because it makes me feel alive. Energized. Happy.

Not in a “wow that was manly of me” way.
But rather like the coldness of the water makes my blood flow rapidly, bathes my brain with fresh nutrients kinda way.

It’s one of my go-to depression cures.
When my brain is cloudy & foggy, and I can only see gloom on a sunny day – I know it’s time for a cold shower.

Works 100% of the time.

Now the How:
Sometimes, I turn the water to medium.
Between hot and cold. And that’s all I can do.

Rarely, I start at hot and go to cold. Once the hot hits my body, a part of me gets scared to go cold. That’s ok too. Hot shower is soothing in its own way.

Often, I’ll turn the knob all the way to the right and dive in. These make for the best showers.

I always start by pointing the freezing water at my feet. Then I let it hit my fingers. Then my left arm. Then my right arm. Then one of my legs. Then the other. By this time, my body has warmed up.

The weird thing about cold showers is that after about 3 minutes, you’ll start to feel warm! The magic of our bodies.

Then, I’ll take a deep breath and shoot the spray right at my chest. Then soak my head. Lastly my back.

It’s one of the great miracle cures of life. You gotta try it.