[audio] #67 Everything I want causes unwanted problems

May 15, 2015

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I talk about every new thing I want causing new unforseen challenges.

Like flossing causing a dirty mirror. And cooking indian food giving me depressive symptoms. All winter, I wished for spring. Now that’s it’s spring, a fuckin bird is singing really loud all day. That’s life.

A couple days ago, I became convinced I had asperger syndrome. Seriously. I talk about this and other stories.

This episode is inspired by the following quotes.
You don’t choose your passions.
Your passions choose you.
– Jeff Bezos (link)

I don’t write books because I want to.
I write books because I have no choice.
– Seth Godin (via altucher podcast)

The problems of today are created by past technology. The problems of tomorrow will be caused by today’s technology. (paraphrase)
– Kevin Kelly

Do the thing you can do better than anyone else. It may take a whole life to figure out what that thing is. (paraphrase)
– Kevin Kelly (via altucher podcast)

I really wish I was them (the struggling young comics). That’s the only fantasy I have. Everything else I’m doing it. I’m playing madison square garden and I have my own tv show. I wish I could go back to not knowing how it’s gonna go and struggling really hard with them.
– Louis CK (around 12:50)

I’m making this podcast not because I want to.
I’m making this podcast because I have no mf’n choice!