[audio] #66 Why I Started Flossing + People Lie About Their Lives

March 29, 2015

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How going to a holistic dentist last week got me to brush 2x a day, floss, & use mouthwash. This after 33yrs of dental neglect.

Most people lie about how good their lives are by only sharing the peak moments. A gambler will boast how much he’s won and hide his losses.

I tell stories of rappers (and regular people) who boast having money but ended up in prison for not paying taxes, not being able to afford their homes, and what their divorce papers reveal.

It’s important for us not to be misled by these types of people and follow their footsteps.


Holistic Dentistry
This group is like the integrative medicine equivalent for dental care

Dr. Weil explains what integrative medicine is

Reggie Regg talks how he lost his teeth thru negligence

Fat Joe Sentenced to Prison for Tax Evasion
It seems maybe he did have a bad accountant even though he had enough money to pay taxes

Dame Dash Celeb Net Worth
Who knows if this is true but interesting read