[audio] #65 Align With Your Nature

March 22, 2015

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Stories of some things I’ve tried that did not work:
– Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
– Exercise programs (dvds, trainers, kettlebell swings, running, high intensity workouts, etc)
– Diet (kale shakes, eating vegetables)

There’s a pattern in things that stick and the ones that don’t.

It’s like I started a farm somewhere. Then tried to get the river to change its course and flow next to my farm. Not a good idea.

I was going against nature.

Don’t change the river. Change the location of the farm.

I realized this when one of my friends lost 100+ lbs in a year.
– He used seattle sutton meals.
Calorie & portion controlled, fresh meals. The menu rotates so that he doesn’t get bored. Plus his parents pick up the meals for him twice a week from the seattle sutton office.

– Worked out at home, in a small room with a treadmill. And a shelf at eye level with a laptop + portable speakers. Caught up on long tv shows while walking.

What he did was remove all friction and make it as easy as possible to stick to his diet & workouts.

He didn’t have to worry about grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, washing dishes, counting calories, and the dozens of other activities required for healthy eating.

He doesn’t have to worry about getting dressed, driving to a gym, figuring out what to do, deal with other people, worry about machines being taken, drive back home, etc.

I’m on day 8 of an all vegetable + fruit cleanse program
And it’s going really well. I made it as easy to do as possible.

– Asked mom if she would cook some vegetable dishes for me
– Found a super tasty green shake formula, rather than the terrible tasting kale shakes I made in 2012
– Bought a salad chopper & bowl. Because regular salads are blah & chopped salads are phenomenal.
– Bought a mini elliptical that fits under a desk. Since I’m an indoor person who uses the computer a lot, might as well work out while doing activities I already love.

This review is what convinced me: 61 YEARS OLD … LOST 165 LBS WHILE SITTING, THANKS TO THIS MACHINE!

Jeff Bezos said in an interview that him and exercise don’t get along.
To make it easy and automatic, he never uses elevators in the amazon building. Instead he walks all over the place to meetings. He built an exercise program into what he already is doing.

He didn’t change his nature. Aligned with it instead.

PS: This is the awesome review for “the rules” book that I mentioned.
How to catch *certain* men, but not others

It talks about how some things only work on some people. Because there are different personalities in the world. Use the right bait to catch the right fish. Align with the nature of the fish!