[audio] #62 Ten out of Ten

December 22, 2014

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Sharing a story of something I thought I’d never do in life.

Going to a movie solo.
And actually enjoying it.
That’s exactly what happened on Friday when I happily went to go see the Hobbit by myself.

In 2008, I was doing some odd experiments to get over my anxiety. I got this dude to help me out. Like going to a bar by myself, sit there without drinking alcohol nor looking at my phone, then leave. Walking inside starbucks in a circle, 10 times, to see if anyone would say anything. Going to malls and doing EFT tapping techniques. Driving to downtown chicago to the busiest restaurant and eating solo.

I was able to do all of these tasks with much difficulty.
The only thing I couldn’t (wouldn’t) do was go to a movie solo.

I was able to get into the flow the past few days and I let you in on the details.

PS: Using my yeti mic again + audacity + did some post editing to make the pod tighter and sound better. Hope it worked!

1. Louis CK talks going to movie solo

2. New Beginnings II – Abraham Hicks
Talks about meditating and how to connect with inner self. Really works!

3. Bulletproof Coffee Recipe
Really works! I went nearly 2yrs without it. MUST use cleanest organic beans you can find + grassfed butter + MCT Oil (i tried coconut oil, but doesn’t have same mind effects). Of course, it should be all blended together in a blender! Don’t try to just stir all ingredients with spoon, it will be disgusting.

Christine January 6, 2015 at 11:21 pm

Hi Deepak,
Congrats on going to a movie solo. I do it once and a while. I also always travelled solo: across Japan, across Europe, Australia, and south east asia. Travel is the best education and can really make you learn a lot about yourself.

I just left a long comment on an old post of yours from 2012 because I listened to your video on ‘Online Marketers are Shit’ and was quite touched by your story. After I left that long comment, I saw that you have a whole blog on your journey since then and that you’ve lost 85 pounds! Well done! I am glad to see you have come so far. I really admire that you find your source of power IN source and in reading. I have read about half of all the books on your list. My biggest hurdle was always shyness. I overcame that in my 20’s and now it is just self-confidence; I am trying to succeed with a handmade accessories business (hexotica.com.au) I am pretty much at a low point right now and I can’t believe how inspiring it is to find a blog like yours. I am at my heaviest weight-wise, have fell back down to the biggest amount of debt that I had worked hard to climb out of 3 years ago, am unemployed, and facing a lot of fears in seeking full-time work after 2 years working part-time for myself. I really admire your courage in putting so much of your inner self in public and just want to say that it’s worth it; you have inspired and helped me today. Thank-you and keep it up! I think you are a great spirit.

Deepak March 18, 2015 at 6:29 pm

Hey Christine

Both your comments were badass. I loved hearing from you. Checked out your website (& like it) + left you an email thru your site saying how much your comments meant to me. I’m curious to hear more about your story. Hope you’re doing well and kicking butt over there!