[audio] #60 Confronting Fear & Surrendering to Life

November 20, 2014

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”
– Mark Twain

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I’m back with some stories to share with you.

Life is unpredictable. There are highs and lows. Often we think when we reach one goal, everything will be great. But that’s rarely the case. There will always be new challenges, struggles, & fears. The only thing we can do is confront each fear, one at a time. Do our best, then surrender to life. Things tend to take care of themselves, even better than we could’ve imagined.

I share how these things happened to me and what I learned.

Long Version:
This year had highs and lows.
The high was reaching my physical goals (weight loss)
Simultaneously, this year was the lowest mood I’ve ever felt

I tried to problem solve my mood issues which lead to the following realizations:

Confronting Fear:
– Sometimes mood drops when we don’t confront fear
– Fear stopped me from recording a podcast yesterday
– How I confronted my biggest fear (public speaking) last month.
– All the steps that led up to me going to a toastmasters meeting and what happened.
– How confronting that fear led to me doing something I had been dreaming of the past few years.
– How I was dreading going to jury duty for a month, then ended up getting out of it 9hrs before

Threw the kitchen sink at my mood problems.
Did the following, all in the same week:
– Went to new MD + full blood lab done
– Acupuncture Doc
– Cognitive Behavior Therapist
– Clinical Hypnotherapist
– Massage (supposed to raise endorphins, serotonin)
– Cold Showers
– Heat Therapy via hot baths
– Bought a Far Infrared Sauna
– Took a road trip to Houston (sunny skies)
– And what all happened

Surrendering to Life:
– How I was fearful of the long road trip (19+ hrs), turned out to be great
– How I figured out my mood issues on day two of the road trip, biggest synchronicity
– Hungry and lost late night in Houston, disappointments led to food nirvana
– How I couldn’t get my blood lab results for couple weeks, and what happened when I finally got them
– How my website had errors which I couldn’t solve. Tried surrendering & accepting the problems as a fun challenge, the solution presented itself
– How my dad was dreading going to an mri exam (claustrophobic), and it turned out to be really great
– If we can surrender to life rather than struggle, solutions we could never dream of present themselves

1. Cold showers for depression and anxiety – Dr. Peter Bongiorno

2. Heat therapy for depression – Dr. Charles Raison

3a. Far Infrared Sauna Benefits
3b. Far Infrared Saunas on Amazon

4a. Dr. David Burns: Cognitive Behavior Therapy rewires brain, raises serotonin, better than drugs. Negative mood may not be caused by lack of brain chemicals but by bad thinking.

4b. Feeling Good – Dr. David Burns. #1 book recommended by mental health professionals for depression

5. Gut Bacteria May Exacerbate Depression